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18 Jun 2001
In the far North
Claymore is a 30ft Motorsailor, sloop rigged with a 48hp diesel. She cruises comfortably at 5 - 6 knots and doesn't really care for going upwind. On passage and motorsailing she uses 0.5 galls per hour at 1600 rpm averaging say 6 knots. On a trip to the Clyde things run as follows.
Going from Fleetwood to Douglas is close on 55 miles for which I allow around 9 hours and she will therefore have used around 5 gallons of diesel. Calling that a day its then around 30 miles up to Portpatrick and with tides being a critical factor, after around 6 hours - you are not really going anywhere. Day 3 would get you into the Clyde - again another 6 - 8 hour day.
So to summarise its a journey of around 140 miles taking around 24 hours actual sailing time and if motorsailed all the way would use perhaps 12-13 galls.
How would that compare with a motorboat of similar length?


21 Aug 2001
South East England
140NM @ 18Knots = 7.77 Hours.
140 Gals Diesel.
Tide irrelevant (unless there are any thin bits of water).
Crew's beer consumption considerable (Not the skipper).

Changing speed has minimal effect on fuel consumption (Approx 1 gal / Knot / Mile ) up to about 22 knots, but over that she gets a bit thirsty. Slower speeds have a marked effect on booze locker.

Fuel consumption looks massive until you look at the advantage of 2 extra evenings in the pub for you and an unexpected shopping spree for the little woman.


16 May 2001
Any Pub Lancashire or Wales
Back to memorable trip from Wales to Mull. Via IOM and Portpatrick. One of the nicest harbours in the country, but only when you've worked out the leading lights, which is an orange blob on a house down the street. You crab into the harbour sideways cos the current goes past so fast. When we were there we parked next to too Brooms doing a circum navigation of Uk. All in MBY Mag. but not us.
Yes. one gallon= 1 mile for easy reconing although I can do a bit better with sencible head on. Dont think we get anywhere faster, just arrive earlier. If that makes any sence! Leaving more time for queuing for fuel, cos its always all gone.
But less time spent in nasty seas, cos just bounced and crashed over the top, so therefore knackered after only a few hours, so need to arrive even quicker!
Admiralty chart states. Sea area between IOM and Portpatrick.
Dangerous to small vessels. That means a mine sweeper or distroyer!!
Hope I haven't digressed to much Claymore ;-(.