1995 Chris Craft 18' Concept 4.3L & OMC - few questions


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3 Jun 2015
Hi all,

I am still a novice to boating. This is my 4th boat, having previously a 21' Bayliner, a 18' Sea Ray, and a 27.5' Bayliner. I just picked up a 1995 Chris Craft 18' Concept that needs some loving. It comes equipped with a OMC SX Cobra (Volvo style) 4.3L V6 and an OMC Outdirve... although I am not sure of the model number of that.

Any suggestions on interchange, or where to find:

The power steering pump. Pulley is froze up... pretty sure I need it replaced.
The alternator. I'm thinking about just sending this out to have rebuilt.
The carb needs replaced/rebuilt. It works, but is dirty.
Plugs, wires, cap, rotor. Is this autozone stuff, or west marine or... ?
The steering and throttle cable both were near impossible to move and bound up, but are starting to move freely now.
For the oil change, what oil and what filter?
The antenna mast is broken off.
It's missing the center door leading to bow.

For the cover, I'm thinking about this:


It has a Bimini top, but its kind of weird that it doesnt cover that much. Here are some pictures: