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Volvo EC Control

Lady Sally

New member
12 May 2019
One of my EC Controls is starting to do silly things; power down engines when I am miles from nowhere etc etc. I am advised to change the EC unit - anyone out there now of one for sale (already tried Coastal Rides) I think the part number is: Volvo Penta Control system 3860487. Alternatively anyone had one repaired - apparently they can be repaired! Thanks.


Well-known member
16 May 2001
Cotswolds / Campomanes
There are couple of Volvo Penta FB Groups. I'd ask on there to see if anyone has one or knows of a repairer. Might also be worth removing the lid to see what's inside. If it's full of resin then I would think that the chances of a repair are remote.

gery w

14 Nov 2009
Apparently I purchased the last one of these available in European dealer network last year to replace one which wouldn't power up.

Have you checked for error codes? it could be a potentiometer, actuator, gear/throttle cable or a power supply problem.

The other option is to swap the lot out for a vetus or glendinning system.