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Marine speaker - white waterproof 5.25 inch 135mm 4ohm IP65 - NOW SOLD


Active member
19 Aug 2001
Northern summers on Ningaloo otherwise Perth WA
Single waterproof (IP65) speaker for sale. Unused.
I needed a speaker for a VHF repeater in the cockpit but they came in a pair so have one spare.
  • High quality 4 ohm Marine speakers - White
  • These are top quality marine speakers that are produced to exacting OEM standards
  • Waterproof to Ingress Protection Rating IP65
  • UV Stabilsed to ASTM D4329 / D2244 - So will not fade
  • Salt water spray tested to ASTM B117
  • Magnetically shielded with integral cancellation magnet to minimize magnetic compass deviation
  • Integral closed cell waterproof gasket
  • 30W RMS 60W max - Tested to IEC 268-5 so the RMS power rating is correctly evaluated to engineering standards rather than an exaggerated 'PMPO' number.
  • Sensitivity - 87dB re 1w/1m +/-2dB
  • Frequency response 70Hz to 20kHz
  • Silicon coated pigtails to extend pigtail life in damp condtions
s-l64.png s-l64.jpg

Single speaker only.

£16.00 to include postage