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Fouled sterngear


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8 Aug 2007
Returning from Vlissingen 1st/2nd July, motor sailing at 6knots, approx halfway between Roughs Tower and Cork Sand beacon we came to a shuddering total stop at 02-30hrs /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif

Immediately apparent we were held fast on fishing gear as SOG on plotter = 0.0. Rudder partly fouled, unable to reach or see any line/float etc.

We called CG and received excellent help with a tow into Harwich by Lifeboat. Later the Cox'n donned a dry suit jumped in the dock and cut away the offending rope, floats and line weights. No resulting damage after lift out and inspection.

As it was quite dark we would have been unlikely to have seen a float even if prominient? However it was directly on the track from Longsand Head to the Cork Sand beacon and therefore a normal yacht route.