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Anna Crane - 33' Bawley Alan Hill Design


New member
6 Aug 2020
Hello Classics Forum,

My Name is Arthur, I bought a Bawley called Anna Crane a few years back,

I finally have the time and funds to try to bring her back up to snuff. This year I put a new engine in her (saab 2jhr), put the rig back up, and have spent the former part of this summer cheerfully (and sometimes not so cheerfully) breaking things. Starting by breaking the top of the mast off, followed by the gaff, then a large chunk of bulwark. All of which I knew was going to need some replacing, but was determined to get some sailing in this year before hauling her out and starting work. I few weeks ago I jury rigged her and moved her over to holland where I usually work as a carpenter/sailor. Later in the year I will be hauling her out and starting with the Hull, followed by bulwarks then spars.

So just posting to introduce my self, I don't really have any contacts in the East Coast Smack/Bawley world, I also thought I might find some people who know the craft on here who might be interested in whats happening to her. Also people who may be able to offer advice or suggestions?

Ill find a few pictures of the escapades so far this year if people are interested,

Greetings to All