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2021 Boat Race to be held at Ely


Well-known member
15 Jun 2001
Shame they couldn't do it on the Thames, Wallingford stretch is long enough although Oxford train there and would have local knowledge. Historically is used to take place at Henley but with a shorter distance, so would have been a good choice.
Mind I suspect most motor boaters on here will be happy its not :rolleyes:

Time Out

Active member
19 Dec 2015
It’s not what is used to be. Living locally I’ve experienced it from pretty much every angle, the last one at a rather plush SuperYacht designers in. Barnes.

I only mention that as it was a cracking day for hospitality but the race was almost a distraction.

in previous years (I’m talking 15/20 years) when I went on either my parents or friends boats, grabbing a bouy it was an altogether different experience. You couldn’t see the tow paths or pubs or houses due to the sheer volume of people.

Those days are long gone regardless of COVID

shame really