yamaha outboards



Having flipped through the August issue of PBO, I must reply to the article on small outboards. I noted that the YAMAHA 2hp came out very well indeed.

We have had one of these sweet little machines for some years now, purchased by my brother and myself, some six years ago. It was two years old then, it has the same prop, shear pin, but has a new spark plug (2yrs ago).

It has been abused by endless offspring, never been serviced, been under water for 24hrs(salt water), it has had one new impeller. what ever the weather you can come out of the pub at any time, it always starts first pull (not like the P45-46-47-48-4950 etc). so hats off to the yamaha 2hp, keep on running.


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26 Jun 2001
Equally the same report slated the Honda 2hp 4stroke, which I thought was a pity because I have had both and the pushing power of the Honda is much greater and I now use the Honda all the time. It all depends on what you are using the engine for. I wouldn;t go back to a 2stroke by choice, having said that my wife finds it very difficult to start so it has its draw backs/advantages.(stops her going to the pub without me).

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