Which HH plotter to buy (for MV2)


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16 May 2001
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This follows from a bit of major Fred drift in another post, Kim's one, so starting a new fred

What follows is entirely IMHO. There are only two proper hh plotters (unless you're Tim Bartlett in which case there are about 8, but none of those is erm a hh plotter at all, they even say that on the box). Ranked in order of something they are Magellan Nav6000 and Garmin175

Mag is C-map, Garmin is Navionics, so there's a big difference for starters. Both consume much energy so need 12v "mains" power, the Mag has a lead with bare ends that you wire somewhere into a 12v supply under the dash.

Anyway, BarryD you've tried the 175 and it couldn't get past Eastbourne so hows about I'll lend you the Nav6000 for this weekend then YOU can let the BB know which is better?

Gotta dash, 18.35 mebbe if I'm quick.


Re: ah but

the garmin 175 is more familiar for him. And indeed, so very liked that he's think of buying one! And nice faglighter socket (cept he hasn't gotta faglighter...). And erm um ooh yes garmin are very nice aftersales, just send a new one when busted. Also magellan named after wandering loony double-backing-omigod-where-the-hell-am-i-oops-back-home-ah-yes-we've-just-been-round-the-world olde chap.