Westerly Oceanlord 41



I'm looking for some information about second hand Westerly Oceanlords. Does anynoe have any experience/opinions of these yachts? Plan to use one as a liveaboard for an extended Med & Carib cruise.


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14 Apr 2004

I have an 86 built Sealord in Australia, she was sailed out here via Suez between 91/94. Good boat, no nasty habits, plenty stowage, reasonably fast passage maker.

Only one structural problem which I believe is common to both Sealords and Oceanlords. If you work them hard to windward in a slop you can get panting on the lee bow between the chain locker and the first bulkhead. On my boat it was bad enough to have sprung the fore cabin lockers on one side.

The problem is that there is no stiffening between the bunk shelf and the deck, it just relies on the lockers forming a sort of box girder. I hope that makes sense.

Not a huge drama to fix if you do have that problem, just dismantle the lockers, laminate in a longitudinal stringer on each side, refit the lockers.

Depending on how your boat has been sailed and how you intend to sail it this may never be an issue.