tug, sea trials today


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30 Jan 2002
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WE popped out to the wash today and found out what the tug is like at sea .
Nice shipping forecast and bang on too, it was a pleasure to chug out to the roaring forties !! but when we came about to come in with the new tide !!!!!!!!.
As you will see from the pic's taken when the chance arose ,it's amazing what the weather does in the space of two hours .
With number one son steering and considering most of the time waves were breaking over the bow he followed a steady course with the occasional glimpse of the channel markers to find our way .
Apart from holding on and not being able to drink a cup of coffee ,I had a great time . No problems re engine and gearbox , a few leaks around wheelhouse windows ha ha Fred's cup of coffee filled up while sitting above the wheel.
The actual hull has quite good sea keeping ability especially for a 26 ft .
I will upload some pictures to the web site later on tonight.

I want a big steel ex trawler / tug v/cheep or swap for tug