Trident Voyager 35


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25 Feb 2008
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I am about to buy a Voyager subject to survey which I expect to be ok, I like her cause she has nice lines and a reputation as a good seaboat. She doesn't have an aft cabin which doesn't bother me, she appears to be built like brick s--t house. but the one thing that bothers me a wee bit is she doesn't have genoa tracks, just blocks on the toe rail.
There doesnt appear to be much info on them apart from yachtsnet and I wondered if anyone had any experiance of these boats.




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27 Dec 2004
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We have a Challenger 35, which is similar to the Voyager (both have aft cockpits), but we have a lower cabin top (no deck saloon).
The Warrior has a small aft cabin.
All three of them have the same hull form, with a wineglass midship section and cutaway forefoot. They do stomp along happily, especially with a clean bottom, but with all that hull surface area, a bit of fouling does have a noticeable effect.

SRM on this Forum ( ) has a lovely cutter rigged 35 up in the Orkneys I think - he sent me some nice photos of her a while back.

And Damo on this Forum ( ) used to run the WarChaVoy Owners Association at but the site does not seem to be working any more. Damo has not been on here for a long time - he has / had a Warrior 35.

Here is a B-log by the owners of the Voyager 35 'Sareda' -

I have various assorted bits of info re the Voyager 35 which I have collected along the way while looking for Challenger news - if you (or anybody else) would like to have copies, please send me a private message with your email address.

Re your lack of genoa tracks, we do have tracks, but have found in practice that we never need to move them - have 2 cars on each, one for the hank on staysail (she has a 'slutter' rig) and one further aft for the roller furling genoa.