There may be trouble ahead.......


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16 May 2001
Cotswolds / Altea
Is it just me or are all the brokerage ads containing the same boats that they did 4 months ago? To make matters worse I saw one broker advertising 'mid season bargain'. Surely a kiss of death.

Thankfully I (under) sold my my boat before the summer. However I see that there are some Southampton Boat Show Boats from the big four (Fairline/SealineSunseeker/Princess)still languishing at brokers. I mean you can even pick up a Targa 40!

Is it as bad as it seems? What happens next?


Interesting point in this months MBM there's an ad from Newark Marina for a very nice looking Broom 37 at £49,500. I phoned them up and of course it's a misprint, should have been £149,500, but the interesting point is he's only had five or six calls about it. So either everyone else realises its a wrong price or there really are few buyers out there.

Just as well I'm not looking to sell, though if someone wanted to make me an offer for a very nice Fairline Mirage....


Re: You lying Ramsgate!

Sorry couldn't resist that.

Things are not as good as they were out there in boat selling land, according to friendlies in the industry. The crunch in the med followed the dotcom crash and 10% stock market fall this year.

I strongly advise that all boaties should only avoid ordering massive boats and share taxis, ahem. Or if you're a bit rivery, try re-using the doilies and teabags and instead of lashing out on expensive cross-channel ferries this year, do it yourself and drive the boat across. Consider inviting some mates aboard so that they'll do some boat-cleaning instead of expensive contractors or guardienage. You know it makes sense, ouch.

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I think you're right. I sold my previous boat 6 months ago and had to take in p/x a little US bubble boat (a Regal 242 if anybody wants it) and its still for sale now despite the fact that the price is right and I'm on the broker's case every week. Other brokers I've spoken to say the market's dead compared to last year so I guess the dot commers and the city wide boys are down to their last Porsche thanks to the market bombing out (still, a silver lining to every cloud eh?)
What happens next? Hopefully, a few tasty nearly new boats at distress sale prices, fewer chancers asking silly prices for used boats (yes that means you whoever you are asking £170k for a 12yr old P435 in MBY) and Us, the buyer lording it once again over Them, the brokers and dealers