The Forum presents "A Christmas Carol" (with apologies to C. Dickens)


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10 Sep 2002
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The Forum presents \"A Christmas Carol\" (with apologies to C. Dickens)

Well we don't seem to have a panto thread going yet so I'll try kicking something off.

This years it's "A Christmas Carol". We need a list of characters and a story line, that in someway never loses touch with the original story.


Ebenezer Scrooge - hlb
Jacob Marley - Old Git
The Ghost of Boating Past - Byron
The Ghost of Boating Present - ?
The Ghost of Boating Yet to Come - ?
Bob Cratchett - ?
Mrs Cratchett (noted for her fine puddings) - PaulineB
Scrooges Nephew - Keith
Scrooges Nephews wife - ?
Mr Fuzziwig - Kind Benevolent employer - well no one on here then - Kim perhaps
Tiny Tim - ?
The Charitable Collectors (2 required)
And sundry cameos from other forum members in various characters

Here's the first line

"Red diesel was dead , to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that".......

There you go lets see if we can make it run...... /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif