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15 Jan 2003
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I am in the process of looking to buy a 1991-1993 fairline targa 30 twin diesels can anyone give me any pointers ie fors and against ,pros and cons things to look out for, or is there anything else i should be looking at budget £60K


I understand that they are pretty good boats. I'd first look for signs of tlc, always encouraging. For example, there was one in Gillingham stored undecover a while back, with all windows blacked out and so forth, jolly good protection it seemed. Then I'd make sure I'd seen as many as possible. Then I'd see that the engineroom is nice and tidy, signs of maintenance, not signs of loads of water getting in.


Don't think you'll be dissapointed in general terms -Fairline build as strog as they come.

Actually not sure exactly which model you have in mind. Current 30 in my view has inferior layout to the 29 (long swimplatform version of the 28). Targa 27 was a different animal, based on the Sunfury 26.

Post Targa 27 (ie early 90's) there was what I thought was a 31 which became a 33 and a 33 which became a 35. Not sure about a 30.

Would be very suprised if you have any structural problems with any of them; and they all come with volvos so caveat emptor. Design is then down to what you want out of it. Cockpit layouts all fine - wysiwyg. But drop down to the old 27 and it is a weekender and the under cockpit cabin is realy a large single or tiddlers double as opposed to an adult double.

Good luck!


This is a 30 later called a 33 which is about 34' in length. I had one until last year. It si an excellent sea boat far better than the 33 that became the 35. The disadvantage for us which caused the sale was you had to climb over someone to get out when using either the bow or aft cabins. No particular structural problems. Mine was powered by 41's a few later ones had 42's and some had petrols. If I remember correctly the first ones were produced in 1990 (mine was number 2 and featured in two articles in MBY which I obtained from back issues dept). Mine and all others that I have seen have had some minor cracks around the companion way door (not structural). With a clean hull and the 41's you should get about 35 knots.

IMHO an excellent boat that will give you good service. As below go for one that has been well looked after but you may have to increase your budget to get one of these.