Sumat Proper Bout Boats



Well the turbo's mended and injectors serviced as well.
A fish finder's on its way.

All the curtains and seat covers are washed after the turbo incident.
Still waiting for Colin to come and fit the new carpet though!!

Off fishing a week on Monday with the local pop
group for a few days. ( Dose anybody know a good
fishing spot off Plymouth cos I'm no fisherman.
Dont mention Hands deap or Edistone cos I know that )

Wife's supposed to be joining me after the fishing trip.Thats if we're back to speaking again and if
she and the car survives her driving the 300 miles to Plymouth.

July 12 and mi mate from Battley is comming down for
our annual rape and pillage of Cornwall.
Would have been the week before for the disorg ralley
but theres sumat on at Wimbldon and he's got tickets!!

Last years project was filming a documentary about
the Smugglers inn at Falmouth and a trip to Tesco's
by dinghy. Riviting stuff !!

Mind you we did manage to get a bit of soft porn into it just for the sake of the kids.

The films free to users of this site but its Matt's transport so £10 PP.

Ohh its got music as well!!

Or you could try Meekatharra's world cruise (Well Nearly) for 20 quid a throw cos we'd got better with the digi vidio by then. ( Wife's in this one though so theres a £5 discount).

This is an epic voyage round all the Channel Isles, France and the Solent.

Theres music real writting and pictures as well!!

Just thought I'd try and get into E commerce before the slump !!

Then theres summer hols to think about.

Thats if the boats still in one piece,
th'wife's on speaking terms

and if the sea's still there cos of global warming.