ST4000 Autohelm calibration

Rodney Croly

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5 Jun 2015
Hi All,
I recently acquired an ST4000 control unit (used) and I am having difficulty entering the calibration mode.
A user manual which I downloaded from the internet suggests in chapter 4 that I should press and hold Standby for 5 seconds but this does not work.
I have read on the internet that the precise procedure can vary from unit to unit depending on when the control unit was built.
Does anyone have any suggestions please?


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18 Aug 2004
Cumbria; U.K.
The ST4000 has a calibration disable feature to prevent unauthorised fiddling. This might be your problem.
If your ST4000 is earlyish, ie 6 rectangular buttons, then try pressing standby and -1 for 10 secs. then toggle the access on/off with + or -1, store by pressing standby and -1 for 10 secs. again.
This is from a pdf manual I have, I've never tried it!
Raymarine suggest removing this page from the paper manual for charter boats.
The later, round button, instrument is different. Cal. lock is from dealer mode.
Hope this helps.
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