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16 May 2001
Cotswolds / Altea
If you want a new 30 footer most of us would head for Fairline or Sealine. To make it worse we then go for the mandatory 170hp Volvos costing £17,000 a piece.

Isn't it a shame that we and manufacturers aren't a little more adventurous?

How about a Cranchi Giada 30, with twin VW 150hp engives dirving some of those natty bolt on surface drives.

The VW's would theoretically cost less to buy and maintain (MBY any chance of a test?). The surface drives would cost less to maintain and would require only 2 * 150hp instead of 2 * 170hp. And you'd look like the dog's with those big rooster tails following you around the solent.

Any thoughts?


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9 Jul 2001
Thames - non tidal
I totally agree about time we could do away with expensive out drives and props, I've just re-engined a VP 175 petrol to a VP 150 turbo diesel in a Fairline, and as for jet drives - I remember seeing a Sunseeker 60 called Renegade at Southampton with them - certainly the DBs!!!

But that would be like making an exhaust system for a car out of solid metal tube instead of layered metal which rots away quicker - far to sensible for manufacturers and less long term profit on repeat sales.

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Remembering BMW's ill fated foray into the marine diesel market and the technical problems many owners experienced, I would give VW a couple of years before you buy just to make sure they're in for the long term and there are no major problems with them