Seems I need a computer on my boat

1 Aug 2011
Maybe in a boat next to you?
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OK it sounds like if I can find a laptop that takes a sim that would be the best option so I shall keep a lookout for one.

Failing that I had a word in a couple of mobile phone shops yesterday & 3 seem to have the best coverage for the Solent so it sounds like I need to go with them.The whole things a mine field as I only really need this for three months this summer (if we have one) on my boat & their pricing is very complicated as you seem to be drawn into a 12 month contract.However I spotted one (or possibly two) of their dongles in a second hand techy shop for peanuts & it seems to me that I could buy one & then just get the sim topup thing from them.Cheapest option?

(I shall also checkout a cheap smart phone second hand as there seem to be a lot on the market & you never know I might need to have more communication with the rest of the human race at some time in the future) :(