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18 Aug 2002
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Any member own a seal 28 ?? If so what are the good /bad points . Are they as good as the look ??




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28 Mar 2007
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Hi Terry,

We had a Westerly Pageant (23') from 70 to 78 and with 2 small children sailed the Solent and as far
as N Brittany. It was a great boat but the stowing inflatable was a problem and it went down the
quarterberth, usually wet. The engine wasn’t strong enough for CI and N Brittany tides. We had a
boy and a girl and they wanted to bring friends.

The Seal 28 solved all our problems and although most of our friends have progressed to bigger
boats, despite looking over nearly 30 years, we haven’t found anything to better the Seal. I am
amazed that their resale price hasn’t risen, as with Westerlys and Moodys.

We have owned the boat from 1978 and it was on a tidal mooring, used nearly every weekend and
lifted out each winter. The mooring is on soft mud and the boat sat vertically most of the time. If
wind and current were unfavourable, it occasionally listed a bit. The keel has stuck up after the boat
had not been used for a few weeks but removing the table top allowed access to push it down. We
have stayed in many drying harbours against a wall, with the mast tied ashore.

The Bukh 20 has performed very well and gives a speed of about seven knots. We have been
through the Brittany canal and different canals to the Med. Sailing performance is good with the right
wind, but reefing is needed above force four. Not as good as but better than bilge. We have a
spinnaker but never seem to have the right conditions for it. The boat is very comfortable in harbour
and under passage.

I retired early and we have been down to the Med twice, this time since 2000. We live on the boat
ashore during fitting out (in hot sunshine) and our sailing is a bit tamer than when younger. We are
thinking of packing up sailing whilst we are winning but writing this is changing my mind.

Hope this helps. If there is anything specific I can help you with please ask.

E-mail address in Seal Association advert.