Questions about Snapdragon 26, West.Pageant, simillary bilge keels.


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17 Apr 2011
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I wound like to live on the bout. There are always same connections witch society, thinkings to do on the earth, but I want that bout is my relay home. This live don’t cost sou much and offer a lot possibility for freedom. There are the people witch live in this way. I thing that this is same choose.
That is truth that this earth is more and more seed , sou why not ?... I have this idea in head since 2 years and I imagine how it can be ( economically ). This is home for all live, witch move ...
Now I have for this idea 7000 Euro, I think add a'little more. For this price it is possible buy something what I want. I want something fore move in sweet water and in the see, and can handly put down mast. There are same English boats like Snapdragon 26, 24, Westerly Pageant.
Hear is my list:
Westerly Pageant, See master 23, Snapdragon 24, Snapdragon 26, Kent 27 G class, Vivacity 24,
Leisure Leisure, MacWester 28, Mac Wester 26, Cristal Csistal 22, Kingfisher 26.
They are similar, and evry have bi quelle. The moust I like Snapdragon 26 – only a'little bigger draft like Westerly Pageant ( or the same ), and this bout have 8 metes. I know that I must reduce evry my thingks to minimum, sou 8 metrs is better.
I have loocked a'little on forums to take opinion about this bout ( Snap 26 ).I have listened good things and something negative – it's about that it don’t sail good "contre wind". What is this problem ? I nou that everything is relative ( and we can not have everything ), bat this problem with this, is it big problem ?, maybe the same like with Westerly Pageant or Centaur and every similar bout witch I writed heare. One thing Im sure - that I want bout in this type ( bi quelle ) . Could you give me same idea about this. And say something about good " things" caracteristic of this bout ( Snap 26 ) and things less good. I no that it is not very fast, but is it ship of slow or middle speed, if compare with other sail – boats ?

I woud like to know something more about this ship.

And yet . What is headroom in Snap 26 (maybe is no always the same ) ?

Question general: What is the differents between Snapdragon and Westerly Centaur or Pageant in saling ?


After I will look for people to go swim - sail on there bout for help in manoeuvres, because I don’t no to sail. But I have same experiences with see, and same idee theorique about navigation ( I have been in school maritime 3 months, and work on fish boat for my lovely sail – boat ). After I must go in UK for buy ship, but I don’t no person for help me with this. Aaaaaa ! And I no that it is important decision.

Ralf My imeil direct: