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9 Jul 2001
Oxfordshire, UK
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I am attempting to sort out the engines on my 1954 ex-cruise ship tender/life boat which was someone else project for 8 years before I took it on! Could anyone who has the parts list for a BMC 2.2 commander diesel post the part number for the STARTING NUT (The nut on the end of the crank shaft which holds on the pulley for the alternator, water pumps etc).One of mine has a stripped thread and I need a part number to locate a replacement, if you have the thread type, pitch and size all the better.

If you are going to the Tradional Boat Rally at Henley next weekend and have one of these nuts or the plugs below please call at our boat or tel:07940 093977, our boat is moored permanently in Mill Meadow, Henley and we are also looking for a LEYLAND-THORNYCROFT heat exchanger 'PLUG' from the top rear of the exchanger. Any help locating these parts much appreciated, we are quite new to boating and local engineers obviously used to servicing new boats just shake their heads at the mention of BMC Diesels!

Many thanks in anticipation.

John Hampton

Barnacle, Henley on Thames


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16 May 2001
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John try AMC diesel on 01772 613003 they used to supply complete engines but now only supply parts for BMC engines most of there trade is mail order.

good luck