OT. Ye Ole People from Shoreham by Sea and Lancing: many thanks!!!


12 Dec 2003
Northern Tyrrenian sea
I just feel obliged to express my thanks to all the English Natives who have arranged, looked for, cared for, during a three week long homestay / English Language stay, my two daughters and a friend of theirs.
They have encountered marvelous people, always ready to help these "foreigners"', enjoyed pretty good weather (we the parents were sweating under 37s / 40s Celsius in Italy), learned quite a bit about language and uses and also ate some very good fish and chips.

For the second year I managed not to have the time for a good beer at the Red Lion or at the other pub just in front, when picking them up on Sunday.
But this year I managed at least to pass in front of the house were I was hosted 52 years ago at 34 Ravensbourne Avenue, by a family that apparently does not live there anymore, and also at the Southwick Community Centre, which is a charming small beauty.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank You for keeping such a nice place spotless and for being so kind to us!
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