Notices to Mariners Week 26


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5 Nov 2002
West Mersea
Yes, early for next week but U shall be in Nigeria again on Monday. This, however, is completely up-to-date taken from the daily notices of the UKHO as opposed to the weekly list.


1. Two fouls either side of Pier C of the Eastern Docks in Dover harbour. If these trouble you I would venture to suggest that you are either in the wrong place or in need of assistance! - or both I suppose.
2. Changes to the Westkapelle light sectors on the coast of Walcheren, Holland. Had great fun marking out the new sectors with the drawing programme which does not include a compass ring! So protractor to the screen to get the angles right but correct to only 1 degree not 0.5 as in the notice!
3. Some reduced depths at the Docking Shoal dans le Wash.


1. River Thames, Long Reach - Purfleet Shore Flood Defence repair work commencing 29th June for about 3 months.
2. Dredging resuming on the Berth Extension in Felixstowe with commensurate disposal of spoil at the Inner Gabbard.
3. Extra buoy in the Walton Backwaters approach (as previously mentioned by Cantata). Image included which you can download if you wish (in the Temporary list).

That's it. Upload in progress at the moment so it will be available in 15 minutes on the web site ( Normal timing of updates to resume on Monday 22nd June.

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