Not really a boating question!



Well not a boating question at all. I have been trying to copy mini disk music as .wav files to my hard disk in order then put them on CD. The MD player is connected to the sound card and plays through that perfectly. I am using a programme called Messer which appears to be recording and creates a .wav but when I try to play that back through media player there's nothing there i.e. I appear to have a file of appropriate size with nothing in it.

I want to use the same technique to record my vinyl collection to CD

I know that half of of the regulars here are computer gurus and I can't get anything from normal computer forums. Help!



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10 Oct 2001
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i find mediaplayer pooo. try download their IMP. you can drag and drop files into the window then either save to a selection of devices or burn to a cd.

of course you will have to have the copywrite permission!

it's a boating forum...and i actually know how to do something!!!!

shame i can't say the same about boats.