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29 Jul 2001
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On the contrary.......

.......I think there is something very serious that needs to be discussed.
Since the Xmas break the e-ambience factor of this forum has changed remarkably. Wots up? Are you all so totally knackered from xmas overindulgence and LIBS blues - not to mention bomb scare enlivened forum nosh/pissup - that you've lost your capacity to insult and heckle?
My recent post on 'Crappy Afternoon' has been almost ignored bar a few expressions of sympathy. Pre xmas I would have expected to have been mercilessly churned up by many of you given such a perfect topic for taking the p***.
I worry that more sinister implications are at play it that now you've all met each other the mystique of haranguing forum personalities has been destroyed by the reality of meeting the real people? I must admit my vision of Dave S can never be the same now I've been so violently confronted by his bum - not at all the sort of image I had in mind - wot it must have been like for those of you that were actually there at the time ......



11 Jan 2002
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Re: evidence please

Well, what's needed is analysis of how long it took to reach 10,000, how long to 15,000 and how long to 18,000 and then to compare the posting rates. Perhaps we can get Warwick University to do the research


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10 Sep 2001
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Re: On the contrary.......

Hi Tony - not so much knowledge preventing posting as an attempt to amass the newly gleaned data and boil it down into a posting that does not rival War and Peace. Also in my case there is a fair amount of trying to remember (and indeed forget) required.

I should however like to recieve the award for the daftest bugger on Friday night as following my sofa leap I've been off work with inability to talk (an improvement Mrs D. has said), loads of blood letting from an inch long chunk out of my tongue and a high fever (104 it's a winner) caused by the infection.

Normal service will be resumed when someone posts something that can be pounced upon (thread above looks promising....)

Barry D