navman plotter


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1 Jun 2001
Plastimo claim the navman 500 has an nmea 0183 output, so it should be able to run a suitable repeater, of any make.

At least I think that's what an nmea 0183 output's for....
16 May 2001
You certainly can....

i did so on the last boat using a Cetrek cockpit repeater.

The only problem was that if you told the boat to "goto" the cursor position it gave cog & sog on the repeater. If you told it to "goto" a saved waypoint then the sog & cog were missing on the repeater screen. Even navman in New Zealand never sorted that one out.

Had I kept that boat I might have interposed the units as when sailing single handed there were many occasions when a plotter chart would have been most useful in the cockpit and position cdts would have been sufficient at the chart table for hourly plotting purposes.

Steve Cronin