Moody 42 Ketch


14 Feb 2004
We're having a second look at a Moody 42 Ketch, c 1980. Had a lot of work done in 2009, including osmosis, etc. She looks a good un (although aged)

Hopefully we'll be making an offer if all goes well, and the plan would be to get her ready for the ARC 2016 or going it alone. We've not quite decided yet.

So, the question is, what do I look out for, I can't see much info on this yacht, except they made them for around 8 years from 1977.

Any info would be appreciated.



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6 Dec 2012
Gone cruising
The Moody Owner's Association has a forum for pre-purchase questions, which might be a better place to ask:

All I know is that Moody used mild steel keel bolts, so you should give those a thorough inspection (don't trust painted over ones). From another Moody I've looked at (different model, so may not apply), I remember: Leaks inside the saloon lockers (top, near shrouds). No holding tank. Cockpit locker hinges/latches were knackered. Aft cabin (on the CC version) hatch leaked.

Plus all the usual places in old boats - seacocks, engine (especially exhaust and impeller pump), leaky portholes/hatches. Peek in every locker, especially the top of it as well as into every bilge area you can access. If you find water, find out if it's salty or fresh and where it came from. Get the seller/broker to start the engine (from cold) and listen how it starts and if there's any funny colours from the exhaust. Check oil and coolant before and after running it. Look closely at the rig, especially the bottom fittings and bottom screw in the turnbuckles (where water tends to stand).

Good luck!