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It’s lively, useful and occasionally just a bit saucy. They’re the ybw forums – the biggest in Europe- and we are keen to encourage our users’ urge to communicate.

With that in mind, each month the most outstanding and entertaining entry – as judged by ybw’s forum moderators - will win a Ray106e state-of-the-art hand-held VHF. For September, the winner was Peter Hunt’s ‘Dehumidifiers for winter storage.’ This simple message kicked off one and the longest and most interesting debates ybw has seen in a long time. It read…

‘I am planning to winter afloat in a Marina and with the luxury of power would like to run a dehumidifier. The problem is which one, how best to convert it to empty over the side, how many hours a day should it be on etc etc? Anyone with experience of having done this? Yachting press- how about an article?’

The whole thread can be seen at…

Peter, we’ll contact you soon. In the meantime, keep posting!


18 Apr 2004

posting here is now a competition to win a free VHF radio!!!
That should promote loads of useful stuff! (If you like gardening and are short of manure).



Congrats Peter, a good prize for you.
However not wishing to put a spanner in the works, incognoto has a point too. All the Hardy annuals are appearing again. I also have a sense of deja vue about dehumidifier threads, seen it all before somewhere, great amusement, really scuttlebutt stuff.
There seems to be a lot of competetition pieces appearing [school essay topics?], anything that seems to generate a response. I wonder what next, "rotating propellors cause more/less drag", "ensigns flown from the wrong halliards", "my yacht club is wonderful", "what will I do about antifouling?", "what if they turn of the gps satelites?","I can hear banging on my hull at night", "what way is up?"......... Still if the prime purpose of the site is to attract attention and give exposure to the advertisers, then an expectation that the forums will provide good meaningful info and an exchange of ideas must remain only of secondary importance. Really things have become rather ho hum. No I am not envious, I have a perfectly adequate communication system on my vessel and that vhf thing is an amusing toy which I would have little use for.