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It’s lively, useful and occasionally just a bit saucy. They’re the ybw forums – the biggest in Europe- and we are keen to encourage our users’ urge to communicate.

With that in mind, each month the most outstanding and entertaining entry – as judged by ybw’s forum moderators - will win a Ray106e state-of-the-art hand-held VHF. For August, the winner was - Kris Hansen’s ‘Changing Names & Keeping Sane.’ This read…

‘‘Does anyone know of the traditional way of fighting off bad luck when taking the decision to change the name of a boat?

I would be inclined, of course, to be sceptical and brush the thing off as superstition, had I not read an article in Classic Boat (I think) some time ago, regarding a Folkboat named Vanella.

The last paragraph of an article covering a lengthy restoration read something like "Finally, we decided to change the name of the boat, disregarding all the muttering about it being unlucky". That was the end of the article, except for an editors subscript reading "Some time after this article was written, Vanella dragged her mooring in 106mph winds and sustained severe damage to her port side".

This somewhat alarmed me, and I'm fairly cynical. However, whilst searching for my perfect boat, I've come across some wonderful vessels with names that I really couldn't live with. What do I do? I seem to remember some talk of a relaunching technique using two horseshoes... one for the old name, one for the new... anybody know about this, or any other method of keeping the hex at bay?’’

Kris, we’ll contact you soon. In the meantime, keep posting!