Message from that old rogue Bill



Please do post it on the forum. We have been trying to sign on to the
forum for some time now. They refuse us. I donot think it is anything
personal but is due to the site being badly set up.
First we get a reply (paraphrase."There is alreadysomeone using your name"
and this we get whatever name we use. Or else we get a response saying "we
already have a contributor from that e-mail address," neither of which is
Furthermore they do not reply to our e-mailsd asking what- why, which I
think bloody rude. Is Karl still the web-master?
I'll probably find out at the Boat Show.
Part of the problem probably lies with two changes:
Our move to French waters.
A new computer running on Windows XP
Compuserve 4.will not run on Windows XP
Compuserve 6, which will, is not supported in France
AOL 6 will run in France but only at a silly expense (heavy surcharge)
We are now using our laptop on compuserve 4. but this is the one that YBW
will not recognise, perhaps because it willnot accept cookies.
Now you know.
I am not shunning Scuttlebutt, but I am up against an electronic brick
But why does their webmaster not answer?
You are welcome to post this.

We had a live-aboard Christmas party last night. About 30 assorted inland
waters and sea farers who have been trapped here all had a night at the
nearby bowling alley, with beer wine, sausages and chips. English, French,
German, Aussie, Kiwi, and Belgian. Not a bad selection.

And the best of sailing to all on Scuttlebutt.



Great to hear from you old fella !

Try going in and go for 'change you're password' or ' forgotten my password' then do what they say.

Happy Xmas to you both .


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16 May 2001
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You are not being ignored and I have your latest e-mail, just checked, although I didn't receive any of the original ones.

As posted elsewhere we've had a particularly heavy load of e-mails to deal with recently and it's taking time to catch up, especially as some support enquiries lead to further correspendence.

I'll be back to you very shortly with a personal reply.