Liferaft Salesmen


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20 Jun 2001
Surrey, UK
Remembering the old jokes about the Italian navy I decided to take another look at the great money saving liferaft at the LBS. On my way back to the stand I saw the same raft on another. Anxious to do a better deal I spoke to the salesman. This one told me that the raft didn't have a double floor, only an insulated one and no they couldn't fit a Solas B pack in as there wasn't enough room, it came in a grab bag. Armed with this snippet of information I went to the stand I had dealt with on Monday where I found a different salesman. Oh no, it wasn't true that they couldn't fit the Solas B pack in the raft - they could get most of it in by THROWING OUT THE INSULATED FLOOR. It then transpired that the liferaft on the stand was not the one that they had quoted at the great money saving offer but another without a boarding ramp; and yes the saleman agreed that a fat old git like myself might have some difficulty in getting into the raft.

I went across the way to the Viking stand and admired their self righting liferaft