Lifeboat Launching a Rinker 250


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28 Nov 2008
Isle of Wight
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Do you mean she shot down the ramp at a greater speed than you had anticipated, and E came to the rescue?

Pretty much Andy... the launch vehicle I bought has got duff 4wd (think it's fixable).. only became apparent when doing a test launch... funniest thing was myself and David having a chin wag whilst 4 ton of boat & trailer decided it wanted to drag the car down the slipway with nobody in the drivers seat and no bung in the boat... moved quick for an old bugga to get in the car and slam on the brakes.... David ended up tugging boat and car back up the slip:eek:

as said on the day.. that's what pre season tests are all about I guess, 'nother job to add to the list:rolleyes:


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24 Mar 2009
Tasmania, Australia
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Funny things ;) can happen on the launching ramp Gaz.

I remember once launching on a foul day, on-shore wind and rain, a pregnant wife sheltering inside the boat with the outboard raised and locked.

Unusually the safety chain and gear-lock on the winch had been released at the top of the ramp in all the chaos, and as the boat became heavily angled, down and going backwards, reversing to the water, the boat began to roll off the trailer, with the winch handle spinning like a blur.

I threw the vehicle into reverse and chased the escaping boat flat out backwards down the ramp to keep it off the concrete.
Thankfully it made the water ok, but the momentum pushed the boat and spun the remaining winch wire off (including the bitter-end), and the boat (and wife) kept going.
Then the wind and waves blew it back towards the rocks, so I was chest deep in cold water, wrestling it back on to the trailer. Needless to say we went straight home, but we laugh about it today :)
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