Konsort vs Moody 31 B/K



We have short listed our next boat (must be bilge keel) as a choice between a Westerly Konsort or a Moody 31 . Would welcome views on the relative merits/failings of these two craft particularly in relation to performance and build quality . Is the 20 hp Konsort powerfull enough ?


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12 Jul 2004
Newbury, UK
I am biased - I have a Konsort and I have never sailed a Moody.

Build quality is excellent, from the strength in the deck (jump around without any creaks or movement) through the shroud anchorages (solid metal pipes inside the boat spreading the loads the the hull), to the little details (every screw head aligned).

Sailing ability on a reach or run is very good - on a beat its a very wide, bilge keel boat! Having said that, on flat water it points well and travels nicely. On waves it gets knocked about a bit. Its a balance between needing power to sail over the waves, and not power due to reefing for comfort.

One trick when looking around is to sit where you would when helming, and see what you can see (past the spray hood and cabin top). Also, do the same for standing helming, as you would be when manouvering.

Inside room is great. We regularly sail (for 2 weeks living) with 5 on board, and often meet up with another family to have 9 for evening meals.

Under engine (we have 18HP Volvo) it gets happily up the Thames on the flood to London bridge, and down again on the ebb as needed!

I also know of people who are on their second or even third Konsort....

Cheers, Chris


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16 May 2001
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You have short listed two boats both of which have good qualities and in many ways it is down to personal choice based on the accomoodation and how she feels for you.

The Konsort has probably the chunkier build quality and certainly the joinery below decks is a tad better than the Moody but the latter probably has more room.

In terms of performance, there is not much to choose between them. Both are high volume, beamy boats andthe bilge keels do them no favours, particularly to windward. You will find that off the wind, in light to moderate conditions they both sail pretty well. As the wind and seas pipe up, both will need to be sailed freer than you might think to keep them going.

For general family sailing in shoal waters, both would be a good buy and give you a great deal of pleasure. A 20hp engine is quite powerful enough to give reliable motoring with a little in hand.



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30 May 2001
I have no experience of the older Moody 31 but the newer S31 is a real gem, although it is let down by limited stowage space. As for 20hp engines they're fine if you don't need to use them in anger. If you find yourself needing to punch into big seas (as I did in my S31 with 19hp) then you'll curse the engine. They're fine on light displacement boats like Bavarias but not so good on heavier displacement boats like Westerlys and Moodys - although purists would no boubt say that it's all part of the fun and skill of good navigation and boat handling.