Jeanneau Sun Dance 36 advice


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27 May 2024
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I'm a relatively new owner of a Sun Dance 36 and would welcome hearing from other Sun Dance owners. I'm delighted with the (huge) amount of space down below, and how she sails, but there are definitely some quirks which I haven't quite worked out yet. Any advice very welcome...

1. There are two bilge pumps installed - one called the "shower pump" - but these only drain the aft bilges. The forward bilge (under the diesel tank) seems to be lower, and that's where water accumulates. I've installed another pump in there - what have other owners done?
2. The anchor self-stows in a fitting which is below the deck. This works well until you try to put an "angel" on the anchor chain - there's an angel in the locker, but I can't work out how to reach low enough below the bow roller to attach the angel to the chain. Perhaps a chain hook to pull the chain up the deck?
3. The foresail pole that came with the boat has jammed end fittings. We've had the cruising chute up a couple of times, but haven't poled it out. Is a pole really necessary?
4. The cockpit stern section can be removed, but it involves unscrewing about six screws. It looks like some quick-release screwed handles could work here - has anyone tried to re-design this?
5. The boat came with a cockpit cover which, due to the wide horizontal top of the sprayhood, accumulates water at either side when it's up. Has anyone got recommendations/pictures of a better design of canopy?


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10 Nov 2007
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Couple of observations. Angels on anchor chains are pretty old hat now as really not as effective as is imagined and the use of a snubber is better. However you still have a problem with that design of anchor stowage but it may be easier to attach a chain hook for a snubber. A cruising chute does not normally need a pole - that is one of its characteristics. However it can be useful if running nearly downwind, so worth getting the pole fixed and experimenting. Not sure about needing to remove the stern panel quickly as it looks like there is not a boarding step there. Difficult to comment on the cockpit cover without seeing a photo, but maybe talk to a cover maker to see if there is anything they can do to improve it.