It seems that Hardy may read this forum: new 62 out next year...


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16 May 2001
Good stuff indeed. That's going to be much better than hull #1. As said many times on here that is a great boat potentially but hull #1 was poor and sadly has hurt them a bit. This one will have the all important stabilisers too

It will be great to see #2, but I can't help thinking there are some clumsy mistakes in the internal layout. The port cabin is very poor, for example. But it might be that the customer specified this not hardy, in which case customer is king on his/her own custom build!

I hope it all goes well with this boat and then Deleted User buys one!


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11 Mar 2002
I hope it all goes well with this boat and then Deleted User buys one!
LOL, I'm sure you won't disagree if I still root for the SD92 as his next toy! :cool: :D

But I couldn't agree more on the H62 potential, and I also wish them best of luck.
Btw, what do they mean in the article by "unfortunately", when talking of the 800hp/25 kts engines instead of the 1200hp/30 kts of the first boat?!?
I honestly cant't see the point of dragging around all the additional weight, in a boat that nobody in his right mind would consider for cruising at anything above 20kts or so.
There's plenty of perfectly fine pure planing boats around, for that kind of usage.

Deleted User YDKXO

I hope it all goes well with this boat and then Deleted User buys one!

Yeah maybe one day but its still not perfect. True they've moved the galley up which was one big criticism I had but the flybridge stairs have disappeared which would be a red line for me. As you say, the cabin layout is poor. That 3rd cabin is pretty useless and at this level you would expect every cabin to have its own heads but maybe as you say, this was an owner layout. Interesting to see that Sleipner stabs are standard; I guess they were listening to you after all, jfm;)

Personally I agree with mapism. This is a bluewater boat you'd be operating at D speeds much of the time and 15-18 kts for the rest. It doesn't need massive engines and 2 x 800hp is plenty. After all its competitors is stuff like the Fleming 58 and Outer Reef 630 which have even smaller engines and barely crack 20kts if that

Yes mapism that SD92 is a gorgeous boat but the Euro is really going have to go down the pan for me to afford one of those unless of course you go 50/50 with me:D