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NB Willawaw

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5 Jan 2010
This Bilge Alarm is a complete system, designed to monitor the water level in your boat bilge.

Operating from the boats 12VDC supply, it uses a solid state sensor and is supplied as standard with 3m cable between the display and sensor.

The Bilge Water Alarm panel is normally flush mounted in the wheelhouse or cabin and the sensor is screwed or clipped/tied into place in the bilge area as close to the boats bottom as possible.

A rise in bilge water level, possibly caused by a leaking stern gland, loose weed hatch or damage to the fresh water pump, will cover the stainless steel disc on the sensor. The sensor then activates the red alarm LED and 80dB sounder on the Bilge Water Alarm panel, drawing attention to the problem.

The sensor is able to detect water depths greater than 10mm !!

The system is automatically tested at switch on and may be further tested, periodically, by holding a wet rag over the metal sensor disc.

The system takes less than 30 milliamps from your boats batteries whilst monitoring. Even in the alarm mode (with both LEDs lit and the sounder activated), the system only consumes a maximum of 0.15 Amps. It's designed to cope with typical fluctations in boat DC supplies (10V - 15V) without damage to the components.

There are no moving parts or switch contacts to corrode or go wrong.

Panel size: 83mm wide x 64mm high (depth required behind panel 80mm)

Ready to install - even supplied with fuse.

PDF instruction sheet provided by e-mail to the buyer.

Just mount the two units, connect the display to your 12V boats supply, run the 3m interconnecting cable and connect it to the terminal strip at the display end - couldn't be easier.

NOTE: This unit is new and has never been installed on a boat but has been on my workshop shelf for a while. There is some slight paint scuffing on the bottom edge of the metal display panel, where the unit has been sitting on a wooden bench out of the box. Fully tested prior to despatch and will be packed in a cardboard carton with protective packing.

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