How to tint Interprotect primer?


27 Sep 2002
Dublin, Ireland
We are fairing the keel of a JOD 35. The keel was nicely factory faired as new in 1994 with some version of grey filler, but over the years a few rusty spots/areas have appeared.

All old antifoul has been removed from the entire keel down to the factory faired filler.

We have cleaned the rusty areas down to shiny metal, coated with neat WEST epoxy followed with a second coat in those areas of WEST fine fairing filler, the brown stuff. So far so good.

We wish to apply three coats of the two-part epoxy Interprotect, carefully fair again, followed by another two coats of Interprotect, then anti-foul.

It would be really handy if the first three coats of Interprotect could each be tinted, thus providing a nice tell tale as we fair the keel.

International's website does not offer an "answer your question" email service.

So, what can we add to the Interprotect base to change the colour? Food dye? Acrylic artists paint from a tube?

Many thanks from Dublin.
25 Feb 2010
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Poster paint (powder, not ready mix, if you can still get it)
Chalk for chalk lines (colours are available)
.....but either may affect the paint.

Food dye is probably water based, so No.
Artist paint; heaven knows if it is compatible. You could try a little first.