hlb's fule advice for sw england - translate and print please


11 Jan 2002
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hlb\'s fule advice for sw england - translate and print please

just had this from hlb: a possible plan B may be to make massive Easting in NW winds to plymouth or Falmouh and refuel before one-shot run straight to nw spain with wind behind.

re cheap fuel in south west
Hmmm! Not sure these days. Ang on, mmmmmmmm Errrr. The fuel barge at Falmouth fills ships and boats, so I'd give him a ring for a price. Plymouth theres a barge called Bouncer, exept it seems to be a new one now. Just outside Yacht Haven up the Cattewater. On the left side of the river you will see some big fuel storage thingies and a sign with phone number on it. I've had fuel from bouncer once but they dont realy cater for small amounts. Should be interested in 3000 ltrs though. My phone numbers for barges ect are all on the boat, so cant help there. Ring FaLMOUTH hm AND ASK FOR bARGE NO. Cattewater HM?? for Plymouth. The other option that is always cheap is Newlyn, just call in the fish dock and fill at one of the road tankers that are always there. Might be a bit far down for you?? I paid 20p year before last for about 500ltr, maybe less. Course you could always get a tanker to meet you some place. Cant think where in Plymouth tho. Exept maybe ring Sutton Harbour. Thats where the trawlers dock and must colect fuel. But be carefull he dont direct you to his marina fuel thingy less of course very cheap!! Think best will be Bouncer or whatever it's called now. Just have to get the number orf the wall! Ask again if I've missed owt.


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7 Jul 2003
Re: hlb\'s fule advice for sw england - translate and print please

I will work on the Translation, it sounds kinda northern but not quite northern enough for me being Scottish an all! And no Scots do not need a visa for Spain!! /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif