Fuel Consumption



If sailing is sometimes compared with standing under a cold shower tearing up £5 notes (sorry, forgot inflation) £20 or perhaps £50 notes, what about Powerboating?

I don't know if many who read this forum ever look at the "Motor Boat Chat" site but there have been several threads there on the subject of fuel consumption.

When one reads that "my boat gets about 1 mile to the gallon" on the plane, wouldn't it be cheaper & far more enjoyable to take the ferry to Cherbourg from the Solent area? Have a nice drink on the way in comfort, enjoy a magnificent seafood lunch and return to the UK nicely relaxed and ready for Monday morning with some money left in the bank.

Having been out many times on these high speed wizzabouts, I'm pleased that I sail - when no wind about 1ltr per hour.


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16 May 2001
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I don't use much more than 1.25 ltr / mile, and thats at 25knots - and you can get a lot of people to France and back on a boat chewing up 4 to 5.
Economics aren't all that bad - horses for courses!