French Regattas


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19 Jul 2005
I've long wondered whether there were any decent regattas worth taking our small cruiser racer to in Normandy or Brittany.

I have some chums who do the Tour de Finnistere or the Tour des Ports regularly but presumably many of the ports have a town regatta like Dartmouth, Fowey or Falmouth?

Normandy Race Week seems all a bit big boat for an Impala.

Has anyone any useful experience?


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24 Jun 2007
On land for now
I've taken part in Spi Ouest on a Sigma 38. Thoroughly enjoyed the racing and the ambience at La Trinite; the French do enjoy racing at all levels and can put on a great event. The downside is its Easter'ish so getting the boat to & fro could be a ballache given its 300+ each way from the Solent and early season. We were a bit heavy as we were living on board so not very competitive compared to boats staying ashore but I guess that happens wherever you go. Is an Impala towable ?

The two memorable highlights for me were going round one mark with fenders out. The fleets had got stuck waiting for the wind, we arrived kite up as the wind filled in and wiggled our way round and through. The other is that the winning skipper in each class is weighed and recieves thier weight in Quiberon oysters + cases of Muscadet.