Four Point Moor



Looking through my Guide To The Adriatic the term 'four point moor' appears time and time again. Anyone know exactly what this means as it is also mentioned in relation to marinas
that I have previously visited where mooring is either bows or stern to once a lazy line has been picked up.


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31 May 2001
'ang on a mo, I'll just take some bearings
Probably as follows (I was in the Adriatic last year). You steam in stern to the dock (not pontoon, no tidal rise worth mentioning) and hand two stern lines (one each quarter) to the dockies. Having a pretty teenager on stern lines helps get prompt attention!

Dockies make these fast and hand you two lazy lines. These run from the dock out to mooring weights or anchors set well out from the dock. You take them forward outside of everything and heave them tight, making them fast on your bow cleats. Bights of loose lazy line then exist between your bow and the dock and you let these sink (the line should be weighted to help this. If it's not look out for prop tangles.)

A bit of string juggling to make sure you're far enough off the dock not to bump it, but close enough to get ashore with your gangplank, and hey presto, you're made fast at all four corners.

Leaving is dead easy. Cast off from the dock, pull out on the bow lines, and cast them over the side when you're clear of your neighbours.

There is another variation of this where there are piles off the dock, and you put lines onto the piles as you come in. I never saw this but there are reputed to be one or two examples about.

PS. If you're going in August be prepared to get in to marinas by mid afternoon to beat the Germans, Austrians and Italians to whom the Adriatic is home waters