Engine Bay Insulation

20 Jun 2007
Live in Kent, boat in Canary Islands
Following on from a recent thread...

I bought mine from this guy, http://www.bridgerubber.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=62_77
Found him at a jumble and used him a couple of times, much cheaper than chandleries, I found

Can anyone else recommend Bridge Rubber? How does it compare with the expensive stuff?

IIRC there was an article on this in YM about 4 or 5 months ago - you could try a search on their site

No luck with a search, but I may have the magazine if I knew the date. Did anyone find it?


6 Nov 2001
Have bought from them in the past from their base in Southampton via ebay and again later on when I found them selling sheets of insulation with damaged corners etc at a boat fair.Think they were selling these at around £18.00 per sheet.


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3 Nov 2001
IMHO the quality of sound insulation material id mainly dependant on the centre barrier. Some are lead this one like mine is "Mineral Loaded Polymeric Barrier" what ever that is. Mine is OK but the best is to have a tightly fitted covers first then some kind of sound insulation.

Mine is not from that supplier but a local supplier to me.


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4 Jan 2007
River Trent
Yes I bought some sound insulation panels from Bridge Rubber (I'm pretty sure it was them) at a boat jumble some time ago.

The first ones I bought had quite a thin silver foil coating which was vulnerable to being punctured and weren't the best.
At a later jumble I bought some more (because they were cheap, and I might need some one day, rather than because I had a specific need at the time).
These two later panels were much better quality, the silver lining (engine side) was thicker and more resilient and the panels generally had a much better quality feel to them.

Their construction was silver lining, foam, substantial central (bitumen / polymeric) barrier about 2mm thick, then foam, and I can't remember the backing.
The panels are quite heavy and susbtantial feeling.

Anyway, after a problem elsewhere I finally got round to fitting the two spare panels on one side of the engine compartment just before we went on holiday a fortnight ago. I have to say I think that overall noise levels are a bit lower than with the old sound insulation.

So all in all a long winded way of saying, yes I've used their product and have been pleased with it. But check the quality of the stuff being sold at the time because it may vary.

I think I also bought some step tread material and 2 part adhesive from them, which have both been excellent and hard wearing.