Emergency Radio Procedures


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6 Jun 2001
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The MCA are giving out an Emergeny Procedures form for us leisure folk to complete and then place in the vicinity of our DSC radios. IE we have to add the boat name call sign and MMSI number.

I have noticed that the instructions could cause confusion on those few /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif vessels fitted with radios other than Simrad.

The instruction sheet tells you to press the distress button once and select the distress designation. Then to press the button again and hold for 5 seconds. (Simrad procedure)

Unfortunately Icom doesn t give this choice of designtion at this point with their 421 and some other radios. You have to go into the menu before doing any button pushing and select it .

With Icom radios and some others you just press the button for 5 seconds which will send an undesignated distress signal.

On Chaka I have blacked out the line on the MCA notice refering to the first push of 1 second to avoid confusing SWIMBO and others. Also blacked out the word "again" in the line below You may coonsider doing likewise if using this MCA notice /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Dsc is a great tool in emergencies and I am surprised it doesn't get more attention in the Ouzo report.