Cutlass Bearing or not


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24 Jun 2010
Leigh on Sea
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I have removed the propeller and prop shaft from my Galion 22 and instead of finding a cutlass bearing of the type with a metal outer shell and rubber insert, I discovered a plastic/nylon type short tube where the cutlass bearing would normally be fitted. It was a good fit around the prop shaft and a tight fit into the stern tube but after some tugging and twisting it came out. Now I am getting ready to put the boat back in the water I don't know what to do. I don't seem to be able to get a normal cutlass bearing to replace the plastic/nylon. Has anyone heard of this type of prop shaft support and if so would they trust it. I have purchased new seals for the old fashioned stuffing box and am quite happy that there would be no further water ingress into the boat through these so its a matter of wear on the previously described plastic/nylon.
I would appreciate any comments. Thanks.