Come dine with us aboard?


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28 Apr 2011
Somewhere in the Med
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I live on a Roberston & Caine Leopard 42. Currently in the Algarve but headed for pastures some new and others pre-visited quite soon.

Just a thought but there must be many of us planning a Med holiday for the Summer? I for one know that we'll be in the Balrearics so a mere day sail pretty much from anywhere.

This could either be plugged to channel 4 if five or more of us are genuinely interested or just set up having met over a drink somehwere.
Reactions? I'd definitely go it for, if it were betwen us then a kitty would be set up which the winner received. If it went further then who khows?
I look forward to any reply. Ooh the challenge of whiping up a dinner party for 6 in a snall galley - brilliant!