coating new welds resin or epoxy paint ?



I am getting on with the welding on the new tug but it's the age old problem of what do you paint the weld with .
You see the thing is every now and then even with the mig ( clark 205E turbo) set to number 4 and using 1mm wire the salt impregnated steel decides to splutter and yep you guessed it that's where if any where there will be a pin hole that will let water in .Also there are sections of the hull that have water in which would be quite hard to get dried out which means that on thin sections you can very easily blow a hole through .
Where I can get to on the inside I will weld the holes up to stop water getting between the two layers.
Yes I know what some might say but I can weld to a very high standard and yes I grind to a good clean surface,but it will happen especially when welding upside down.
I chose to mig it rather than arc because there is more control with the mig compared to all the cleaning up after with arc welding
Now as we know pin holes will given a little time rust them selves water tight but I want it water tight to begin with
So far I have thought about painting the welds with resin which in my view is the best way to get over the problem and then painting with black bitumen paint .
Some one has suggested painting the hull with epoxy paint but will that be as good as resin ,and then I would have to sandblast the hull .That I would rather not do because of the cost's and other factors which may mean I have to get the tug transported back home to do it .


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7 Sep 2001
The dutch use coal tar epoxy on there barges, seems to work, or is it cold tar epoxy, its one of the two!


Interesting that I will try to find out more