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looking for a good solid and low cost place to leave a 47ft fin keeler for a couple of weeks in July in the Brest area...any ideas as to probable costs or suggestions as to recomended ports........tia
Ian P


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17 Jul 2003
Try the Moulain Blanc marina at Brest. I was in the office there when a Brit was arranging to leave his boat with them for a few weeks, and he seemed well chuffed with the price.

(If not Moulin Blanc marina, it is a Mill of some sort of colour, I forget what.)

Colin H.


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29 Jun 2001
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Moulin Blanc, run by Brest LA, is the obvious place - not the cheapest but can accomodate a boat that size, you may be struggling to find a place in High Season.
The alternative is to find a mooring above the bridge on l'Elorn - ask at the Capitainerie @ Moulin Blanc.
Air draft is 25m.

Other places to try - Camaret - I don't like it but many swear by the place.
You're too big for Morgat - but the best place is probably the Port Rhu in Douarnenez, lock in 90 mins either side of HW and the local Chef du Port will keep an eye on the boat for you.
Only problem with Douarnenez is transport to and from the place - best to head for Quimper with its airport, TGV and long-distance autobuses (if you're a real masochist).