Boat share



I am interested in yacht boat share.
Please can anyone explain in simple terms what is involved in sharing eg payment,contracts,usage,entering/leaving syndicate.
I would be most gratefull for anyone in a boat share yacht syndicate to let me know of their experiences and the any possible advantages or disadvantages that I should consider when joining a syndicate.
Because none of my friends are interested I would be joining a syndicate with people I do not know, is this usual ?
Hope I have posted this in the correct forum.
Hope you can help.


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11 Jul 2001
West Sussex
Don't do it ! I was going to buy a boat with 3 others as the reduction in cost was appealing. Disagreements occurred before we even chose a boat.

I now have my own boat all to myself and to me the beauty of it is the freedom to use her whenever I want for how long I want and to do whatever I want with. Yes she's older and smaller than one we'd have bought jointly but she's MINE ALL MINE!!!

To me you're better off chartering a boat than sharing one. My boat is an extension of my home and I can leave it as messy or spotlessly clean as I like without having to worry about anyone else.

Well, that's just my view anyway ! Good luck whatever you choose !

Roger Holden


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30 May 2001
I would say that my recently purchased boat share is one of my better decisions, if you have a salaried job and do not live close to where you intend to sail, it is surprising how few days you actually have a year to pursue your sailing. I reckon i only managed about 20 days this year and and that is about average when you consider most people only get about 25 days leave. There are the obvious drawbacks such as it is not your own boat and it is not easy to personalise it but like everything else in life it is a trade off. I am on a low budget so basically I get more bangs for my buck ! Compatability is obviously a good thing as its surprising how much joint time you will have with the other members doing things such as maintenance etc, I joined via an advert so did not know any of the others and we get on great. The agreement was drawn up by a yacht share agency I appears to cover most events. Good luck