Any recommendations for wheels for an inflatable, please?


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5 Sep 2007
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I made up a pair using tubed sack trolley wheels.
I already had a couple of heavy aluminium brackets recovered outboard transom mount although otherwise I would have made some up out of stainless angle.
They are through bolted through the transom with rubber pads for water tightness.
The wheels are attached to stainless m12 threaded rods acting as stub axles and secured with suitable washers and nylocs.
If you try this make sure you get the tyres without bearings and fit them with brass spacers.
How good is it- well on more than one occasion at low tide at Arisaig and at Plockton I have quite easily hauled my dingy up the beach complete with outboard- the tubed tyres providing a great flotation effect on soft sand and mud.
Also you can do a dry feet landing on a ramp by standing at the stern and running the dingy up on the wheels!